A Timeline from Adam to Abraham

PDF-Icon It has been a long time since I’ve added a post to this web log. So I’d thought I’d jump back in by poring some gasoline on the burning embers of post-Christian America and present a timeline of the Patriarchs from Adam to Abraham exactly as that timeline is represented in Scripture.

PDF File: Patriarch Timeline – Adam through Abraham

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4 Responses to A Timeline from Adam to Abraham

  1. The noun‘ History’ is derived from HIS- story- the account of God Devine, and while you investigate the earlier periods of the planet, it is marked that Our Lord God is implementing His programme with the human race until the final days we all stand before the Eternal God. In brief, Adam 4000 Before Christ: Noah 3000 Before Christ: Abraham 2000 Before Christ: Moses 1500 Before Christ: King David 1000 Before Christ: Jesus Christ 0 Anno Domini: Martin Luther 1500 Anno Domini: 2000 Anno Domini Who knows. In…

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