Time to Wake Up

I dreamed that it was Judgement Day and I was standing right next to the Throne of God. I noticed that to my left and my right were pastors as far as I could see. I thought this was odd that the Lord would reserve this front row space for pastors only.

I looked out across a space of only a few yards and there were millions, maybe billions of people, yet I could see each  one of their eyes staring at me. As I studied this group, I noticed that I knew many of  them from times at the altar or ones who had sat under my teaching. I was pleased to see that they had made it to Heaven, but confused because they didn’t look happy. They looked very angry and hateful.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord say, “Away, I never knew you.”

AccuseSI was suddenly frightened that what I was seeing were those who “thought” that they were saved. Then I saw all of them pointing a finger at each of us pastors and saying together in one voice that shook my soul, “We sat in your church and thought we were saved. Why didn’t you tell us we were lost?”

Tears were pouring down my face and the faces of all of those pastors. I watched as one-by-one, those people were cast, into Hell. One and then another, and another, and another — until they were all gone. I died inside as each one screamed in agony and gnashed their teeth, cursing us as they went into the Lake of Fire.

Then I was looking into the face of Jesus and He said to me, “Is this the part where I’m supposed to say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant?'”

(Excerpt from the book Thanks a Million by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron)

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