Dallas Code Blue

CodeBlueCutDownDate: Sunday Night, March 16, 2008

Time: 5:30 p.m to 9:00 p.m.

Location: To Be Announced

Cost: FREE

Code Blue Rally Topics Include:

  • The importance and practical benefits of a Biblical worldview
  • How we know the Bible is true
  • How we know Jesus Christ rose from the dead
  • How we know Jesus Christ was God in human form
  • Going to college without going astray
  • Doctrine is not boring but a strong mooring
  • Exposing the popular lies of today’s pop-culture world
  • Why are so many students leaving the church and not returning?
  • Understanding the dangers of today’s prevailing postmodern worldview
  • How to use the moral law to evangelize like Jesus did
  • Training the heart and mind of a child to follow Christ
  • Testing our worldview against the Bible
  • The difference between true and false converts
  • Building a Biblical worldview verse by verse
  • and more.

Looks like speakers will include David Barton President of Wallbuilders (wallbuilders.com), Ron Carlson founder of Christian Ministries International (RonCarlson.com) and Brannon Howse President of American Family Policy Institute (WorldviewWeekend.com).

Althought the cost is free it is necessary to Register Online.


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