MP3 Bible Player

The ConnectionSurfing around the Internet and ran across this nifty little MP3 Bible Player that features both audio and text of the KJV and NLT translations of the Bible. Apparently, it also includes a Spanish language translation of the Holy Text, but being uni-lingual handicapped, I’m only speculating.

It also seems that there are two versions available for download: The Connection (pictured) which includes sermons, lessons, and radio broadcasts by Skip Heitzig from Calvary of Albuquerque and the MP3BiblePlayer which includes sermons by Chuck Smith from Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa and a selection of “Worship” songs. The MP3BiblePlayer can also be launched from the Internet as well as downloaded.

Both downloadable applications (as well as the web based version) require Flash and an Internet connection. The desktop versions do not require installation, simply unzip and double click the icon to launch. Oh, forgot to mention, they’re free.

Keeper? Only time will tell but the audio quality is outstanding and navigation between books and chapters of the Bible is simple and familiar. There are times when I just like to read the Bible, there are times when I just like to listen to the Bible on MP3, and there are times when I like to do both. This program seems to provide a convenient  way to do both in one application.


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