Theology Barf Bag #2

Theology Barf BagBarf chunks:

“The only sin keeping anyone out of the kingdom of God is the sin of rejecting Jesus…You have a right to everything God has…Sin consciousness produces defeat and a false sense of humility…He has provided certain rights for me, and healing is one of these rights…The Holy Spirit is the life-force of God…The Father’s heart was hungry for a family…God has been reproduced on the inside of you!”

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Caution: This stuff stinks.


4 Responses to Theology Barf Bag #2

  1. Matthew says:

    ok, so i only read the chunks…lol.

    i can think of several scriptures for each point that confirms each sentence. what are your issues against what he says.

  2. jerryk says:

    Hi Matthew. Thanks for visiting and for your comment. I can think of scripture when lifted out of context can be used as a pretext for some of these statements, but I cannot think of a single scripture that confirms those statements (I’m willing to be corrected though, just point out where I’ve missed the mark). Here we go….

    (1) “The only sin keeping anyone out of the kingdom of God is the sin of rejecting Jesus..” is just plain wrong. Jesus came to “seek and save the lost”, not to seek and loose them. People face judgement because of their sins, not for rejecting Jesus. In fact, the only way people can make it to heaven is through Jesus. This is the Gospel upside down.

    (2) “You have a right to everything God has”….really, where is that in the Bible?

    (3) “Sin consciousness produces defeat and a false sense of humility”…more upside down Copeland. Sin consciousness drives people to the foot of the cross and that is only where victory can be found! See Romans 3:19-25 for example.

    (4) “He has provided certain rights for me, and healing is one of these rights”…not in the Bible either.

    (5) “The Holy Spirit is the life-force of God…” Umm…(last time I checked) the Holy Spirit is God.

    (6) “The Father’s heart was hungry for a family”…God is perfect. Perfect means perfect and anything that is perfect can’t lack in something, not even a family.

    (7) “God has been reproduced on the inside of you!” Say what? Weird and sounds a little like the ever popular “accept Jesus into your heart” routine which isn’t in the Bible either.

  3. Matthew says:

    1. when you sum up the judgment in the end of your life…it is about the response of your heart and life. it will be a resounding “yes” or a resounding “no”. if God tells you to quit smoking and you say “no”, you will NOT go to hell. but if you live a LIFE of saying “no”…that will. you are rejecting Jesus as treasure. you must sell all you have (meaning give up your life in obedience) to buy the field. yet obedience isn’t a list of do’s and don’t…it’s about saying “yes” to what He asks you to do. check out these few posts i wrote:

    2. what that is talking about is being an “heir to God and a joint heir with Christ”. 2 Peter 1:3 talks about how He has given us everything pertaining to life and godliness…through our knowledge of Him. (meaning you can’t just name it and claim it…maturity is needed to redeem the “everything”) romans 8:32 also talks about this.

    (i will say this one can get REALLY twisted…especially in the realm of finances)

    3. i’m teetering on this one…i’m respond later to this one. i want to see what he is trying to say. i need to go read the booklet. lol a knowledge of sin must be there before the cross can do its work.

    4. psalm 103 talks about our “benefit package”…and healing is one of them. the Bible also says that “healing is God’s bread for His children” and “by His stripes we are/were healed”. we can talk about how that means our sin nature…but Jesus forgave sins AND healed the disease of the sinner.

    5. i think he was trying (i hope) to say that the spirit is the life-force of God…as in “God is SPIRIT…(and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and truth)”. meaning that God isn’t flesh…bloof isn’t his lifeforce…He’s not a natural being…He’s completely supernatural.

    i agree with you that the Holy Spirit is a separate yet same entity as God. i love the mystery of the Trinity.

    6. God is not lacking anything (like you said)…but He is longing for things…mainly a family. He already has perfect fellowship within Himself (the Trinity) but desires to have relationship with us. we don’t make Him any more or less complete. neither do we make Him more or less God by Him desiring us. He has chosen to love and long after His creation. that blows me away.

    7. that’s talking about “christ in me…the hope of glory”…”we are being transformed into His likeness”.

    sorry i didn’t put references (did i need to?), i’m feeling sarcastic and lazy right now. i’m really hungry nd that isn’t helping. lol

    i think the statements in and of themselves are not off…the way they are APPLIED may be. but don’t care to get into a conversation about copeland. just not up to it tonight. lol.

    what do you think? i may post some other thoughts when my mind is more focused. 🙂

  4. jerryk says:

    Hi Matthew and, again, thank you for visiting and for your comments. Let me begin by saying “I’m sorry”. I have a policy of not allowing links and web site addresses, I apologize and hope you understand (there really is a good reason for it and, yes, I always feel really bad when links are edited out, especially when they are part of a thoughtful post such as yours).

    Remember the account of the serpent in the garden back in Genesis? A little liberty with wording here, a little embellishment there, throw in an “innocent” question or two, and stir it up with a big whopping lie — and quicker than Kenneth Copeland can say “Buy me a jet” there are some real problems. I don’t think we aught to excuse his word choice or try to reinterpret them for him; the man needs to be taken to the woodshed in a public way and it should be the Church administering the discipline…

    …in Christian love, of course.

    Seriously, thanks for your perspective.

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