Desires Kindled and Enflamed

Do these, or any other considerations, put you upon this enquiry- how shall I get my desires kindled and enflamed towards Christ? Alas! my heart is cold and dead, not a serious desire is stirring in it after Christ.

To you I shall offer the following directions:

Direction 1. Redeem some time every day for meditation; get out of the noise and clamour of the world, Psa 4:4, and seriously consider how the present state of your soul stands, and how it is likely to go with you in eternity: here all sound conversion begins, Psa 69:29.

Direction 2. Consider seriously that lamentable state in which you came into the world. You are a child of wrath by nature, under the curse and condemnation of the law: so that either your state must be changed, or you will inevitably be damned, John 3:3.

Direction 3. Consider the way and course you have taken since you came into the world, proceeding from iniquity to iniquity. What command of God have you not violated a thousand times over? What sin is committed in the world, that you are not one way or other guilty of before God? How many secret sins are upon your score, unknown to the most intimate friend you have in the world? Either this guilt must be separated from your souls, or your souls from God for all eternity.

Direction 4. Think upon the severe wrath of God reserved for every sin; “The wages of sin is death,” Rom. 6:23. And how intolerable the fulness of that wrath must be when a few drops sprinkled upon the conscience in this world are so insupportable, that has made some to choose suicide rather than life. Yet this wrath must abide for ever upon you, if you do not get an interest in Jesus Christ, John 3:36.

Direction 5. Ponder well the happy state and condition they are in who have obtained pardon and peace by Jesus Christ, Psa 32:1,2. And seeing the grace of God is free, and you are set under the means of it; why may not you be as likely to find it as others?

Direction 6. Seriously consider the great uncertainty of your time and the preciousness of the opportunities of salvation, never to be recovered when they are once past, John 9:4. Let this arouse you to lay hold upon those golden seasons while they are yet with you; that you may not bewail your folly and madness, when they are out of your reach.

Direction 7. Associate yourselves with serious Christians; get into their acquaintance, and beg their assistance; beseech them to pray for you; and see that you rest not here, but be frequently upon your knees, begging of the Lord a new heart and a new state.

(Excerpt from Christ the Desire of All Nations by John Flavel)


4 Responses to Desires Kindled and Enflamed

  1. Matthew says:

    i have a problem with that quote. what if people don’t make it to point 5? doesn’t that just cause mass depression on an already cold heart?

    it takes God to love God…and according to scripture, all we have to do is ask for it…consistently. praying eph 1:17 and eph 3:14-21 is a great way to start. šŸ™‚

  2. jerryk says:

    Hi Matthew, that swooshing sound you hear is the question going right over my head. Do you mind restating it?

  3. Matthew says:

    sorry about that.

    it sounds like it is saying this:

    1. take some time (you may want to take a lot of it…it’s going to be a long process) and get ready to think and search your memory.

    2. think how terrible you are. wow…you couldn’t get out of the womb without being destined for hell.

    3. think about how terrible you’ve been for how long you’ve been born. i mean really think about it. conjure up memories, recount stories, think how you are basically a rapist, mass murderer, vile terrorist before God.

    4. think of how screwed you are. yes…you are going to burn.

    5. why are you sad? God loves you…He said no problem. you can thank Jesus for that.

    now i know that was NOT what it is saying. i just wanted to sarcastically reword it and then ask…”what happens if you stop at point 4…are you just left depressed?” i mean…you’re heart (as you said) is ALREADY cold.

    i agree with reflecting on all those things (i’m a sermon on the mount kind of guy…blessed are those who mourn and are poor in spirit)…but if you’re heart is cold…then you need to ask God to stir up passion and love in your heart. no need to make yourself emo about it. lol

    hope that wasn’t too sarcastic. i’m in a slight joking mood right now. šŸ™‚

  4. jerryk says:

    Got it (I hope). Think of Flavel’s 7 Directions in terms of some very fine dining– someone could stop after the forth course, but why stop there when there is so much more to be enjoyed! I see what you are saying though, I’m from Texas and around here a seven course meal is a bucket of KFC and a six pack (R.C. Cola, what were you thinking?).

    Do you think we aught to move number 4 up to number 1 just so people know what the “tab” really is before they pull away from the table?

    I too am being sarcastic, sort of….

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