Theology Barf Bag #3

Theology Barf Bag

It’s not so much the barf chunks that causes the contents of this week’s Theology Barf Bag to stink.

It’s more like a bad case of the dry heaves — all of the pain with no results. The content of this week’s Barf Bag has about as much substance as a handful of air or a full glass of foaming sea froth.


Click the bag to view its contents.

Caution: This stuff stinks.


4 Responses to Theology Barf Bag #3

  1. Matthew says:

    just curious…what parts made you “vomit”? lol

  2. jerryk says:

    Hi Matthew, Well, I think the dry heaves started some place around the word “voices”…it’s like when you get the salt mixed up with the sugar on a hot day while you’re making a nice tall glass of ice tea. Eww.

    Could you figure out from reading that what the theology of Mars Hill is? I couldn’t. It’s certainly something that would keep even the Bereans busy I think.

  3. Matthew says:

    paragraphs 2,6,7 hold most of their theology. it made for a good read. lol…i like a good story.

    i think by “voices” they were talking about the prophets themselves (even though they weren’t speaking on their own accord). i don’t think they were talking about “spirits” that talk to the prophets. (haha…bible meets “sixth sense”)

    i REALLY liked the last paragraph. one of the best summary endtime statements i’ve heard. i don’t care for the last sentence…but overall i didn’t have any big issues with it. it’s suited for their church…which is another issue altogether. (if i have any issue with the theology…i have an issue with the need to make the Bible OVER-relevant. some of their stuff is ok, but some goes a little too far in my opinion. i need to write a post about it. lol)

  4. jerryk says:

    You said:

    “if i have any issue with the theology…i have an issue with the need to make the Bible OVER-relevant.”

    May I just say..YOU ARE SO VERY RIGHT! and I can’t wait to read that post.

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