Darwin’s Unbridgeable Gaps



salvo4The new issue of Salvo magazine has a number of thoughtful articles about Intelligent Design (ID) and evolution.  Although written for a popular audience, the articles deal not only with the science of evolution and ID but also “various facets of the intelligent-design movement with the assistance of the very scientists, philosophers, and attorneys who are at the forefront of the battle for scientific integrity” and asks the question:

Are these really the last days of Darwin?

One Response to Darwin’s Unbridgeable Gaps

  1. Dan says:

    That article leaves much to be desired – Quote-mining Morowitz, Mayr and Wright (among others), misrepresenting their positions, and credulously touting charlatans like Dembski, Meyer and Behe…

    Who is Kushiner anyway, and why does he have so little journalistic integrity?

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