Theology Barf Bag #4

Theology Barf Bag

The contents of this week’s Theology Barf Bag is a little on the lighter side of things but bad theology is bad theology.

Who ever said “It’s the thought that counts” couldn’t have had this in mind. I guess bad theology, like bad math, is a sine of the times.

P.S., sorry for the puns feel free to leave a castigating comment…

Click the bag to view its contents.

Caution: This stuff stinks.


2 Responses to Theology Barf Bag #4

  1. ohmartin says:

    thats what i call usin the noggin.

  2. Is there really a Theology Barf Bag or is this just a photoshopped barf bag? I collect sickbags and would love to have one of these if they physically exist.


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