Me, Dirt Bag

I just got back from a business trip.

Two states, two airports, rooms filled with people, people in small groups, people everywhere and not one time did I share the Gospel. I was prepared to, I made sure before I left home that I had a supply of tracts and Pocket Testaments (never leave home without them), and everyone one of them returned home with me unused.DirtBag

Sure, I was busy, very busy, it’s not like I had a lot of extra time; but the truth is, I just didn’t try.

I could have handed the lady at the toll booth a Pocket Testament; but I didn’t.

I could have chatted about the law and the Gospel with the nice elderly couple I sat next to on the plane today; but I didn’t.

I could have handed out million dollar bill tracts by the hand full during any of several meetings I attended today; but I didn’t.

Opportunity forever lost.

Time forever wasted.

Souls untouched by me today.

Because I didn’t.


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