The Manga Bible

MangaI’ll just note this without comment:

“The world’s most-read book has been reproduced yet again, and this time in a style known as Japanese manga, closely associated with anime.

Ajinbayo “Siku” Akinsuku is author and illustrator of The Manga Bible. He says he reproduced the Bible using the popular animation style to keep the religious message relevant to younger generations.

“It’s a way of making a relevant message contemporary … It was time for us to update the biblical message,” says Siku, who prefers to call book an “interpretation,” rather than a “new version” of the Bible.” (Source)

Further information about Skiu from The Manga Bible web site:

And this Jesus thang?: I became a Christian at the age of 11. It’s still the first and greatest day of my life.

Christian Activities

Siku is currently a final year undergraduate at the London School of Theology.

Received Jesus Christ as Lord in 1976.

Set up a Christian fellowship in art school that survives to this day.

Actively involved with youth work through bible teaching, music and musicals.

Lay Bible teaching.

Performed on a UNICEF/EMI sponsored LP/concert in West Africa, in support of Ethiopia, mid 1980’s famine.

Praise and Worship leadership in several previous Churches.

Founding member of Black Box; an informal fellowship of Christian professional British Comic Book Creators.

Manga Bible spreads can be found here.


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