Still Think You’re a Good Person?

Fox has a game show called The Moment of Truth on which contestants answer a series of personal and embarrassing questions to receive cash. Before each show, contestants are asked more than 50 questions while the truthfulness of their answers is measured by polygraph. During the show, 21 of the same questions are asked again, if the contestant’s answers are truthful based on the results of the previously administered polygraph, they go on to the next question. If the contestant lies or refuses to answer, the game ends.

Since the show first aired on January 23, 2008 no one has answered all 21 questions truthfully.

Think about that for just a minute. The “secret” things of our lives are so shameful or hurtful or embarrassing that we cannot answer truthfully just 21 questions about our lives  — not even for $500,000!

If we are this ashamed of our own actions now, just think about what it will be like on the Day of Judgment when we have to give an account for all our thoughts, all our words, and all our deeds.

This video (HT: The Lawman Chronicles) puts this is in perspective:


The Human Condition

How Many People Face Judgement Every Day?

The Cure Only Jesus Can Offer


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