Myanmar – Death Toll Could Exceed 100,000


The death toll from Cyclone Nargis that swept across Myanmar (also known as Burma) last Saturday could hit or exceed 100,000 as humanitarian conditions worsen.

International relief efforts have been hindered by the very paranoid and oppressive military regime that has ruled that country since 1962. Gospel for Asia (GFA) missionaries already in that country “are one of the few groups able to offer immediate help”.

“The missionaries and staff at the (GFA) Bible college (in Rangoon) are taking care of the people’s basic needs by offering meals, prayers and the love of Jesus for those who have lost all hope. They will continue caring for the people, but the task before them is daunting.”

“While many missionaries and staff will remain in Rangoon assisting with the work at the Bible college, many others are already going out into the villages, looking for survivors and surveying the damage.

(GFA’s President K.P.) Yohannan asks for continued prayer for the people of Burma as they come to grips with this crisis. He also asks for prayer for those who are helping them.” (Source)

In addition to offering the prayers requested by K.P. Yohannan, you can help GFA’s efforts by making a Cyclone Relief Donation on the GFA web site.

Click here to read a survivor’s account of the storm.

Click here to learn more about Gospel for Asia.


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