Bristol Palin

Gustav may have slammed onto the shores of the U.S. as a Category 3 hurricane but it was nothing compared to the tsunami that accompanied the news of the pregnancy of Sarah Palin’s oldest daughter on the American political landscape.

Unfortunately for the new child, mother, and father the request of the Palin family to “respect our daughter and Levi’s privacy” and Obama’s statement that “people’s families are off limits” have fallen on deaf ears. The wolves on both the right and the left have smelled red meat and, even now, are fighting among themselves for political advantage. All of them, apparently, oblivious to the fact that this is not a story about John McCain, Barack Obama, or the Presidency but rather about the life of Bristol Palin, her child, and her soon-to-be husband.

Bristol and Levi, like Elizabeth Cameron, choose to walk the better path instead of the easy one. We can but hope that the political pundits this election season will begin to follow their (much more mature) lead and do likewise.

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