e-Resource Tip: BibleShared.com

bibleshared1 I recently discovered a free on-line Bible reading program called BibleShared that I have really grown to appreciate for a number of reasons. Reason first: Simplicity. This is not to say that it is in anyway minimalistic, in fact the opposite is true- BibleShared has a full set of Bible reading features but with all the unnecessary components striped out. For example, with BibleShared you can write notes in the “margin” using a link provided in each verse, share those notes with a whole group or just a select few, and see what other people are reading and writing about.

Reason next: There are only two Bible translation options to read from – KJV and NASB. Like I said, the focus of BibleShared is on Bible reading.

This brings me to final reason I’ve grown to appreciate BibleShared more than any other on-line Bible reading program- its reading progress tracker. The progress tracker is simple, elegant, and robust and allows you to easily track both your digital and  off-line Bible reading progress.

C.H. Spurgeon once said “The whole book is about Him. Look for him on every page. He is there. If you fail to see Him there, you need to read that page again”, BibleShared is one digital tool that can help you do just that.

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