Abiding Darkness

Abiding Darkness I had the opportunity this past weekend to reread Abiding Darkness by John Aubrey Anderson and found myself, like the first time I read it, unable to put it down until I reached the book’s back cover. This time around though, I found myself enthralled not so much by its fictional account of spiritual warfare as I was by the greater theme of redemption and personal evangelism woven throughout its pages. Someone (I wish I could remember who) once said that we enter into new worlds when we read well. True enough, but to this I would add that the capability of the reader to do this is directly proportional to the writer’s ability to craft words and ideas into a compelling narrative. Anderson does this, and the compelling narrative of Abiding Darkness, threaded throughout the novel, is best summed up by the often repeated phrase of his main characters about Jesus: “to know Him and make Him known”.

Most editorial reviews of Abiding Darkness (such as the one from Amazon quoting AudioFile–“Think born-again Stephen King and substitute devils for ghosts and monsters.”) utterly fail to convey the essence of this book and are a disservice to its author. If you are among those who have ever heard the compelling call of the Great Commission give this book a try. When you do you will find yourself slipping effortlessly into the fictional world created by John Aubrey Anderson and inhabited by those who want nothing less or more than “to know Him and make Him known”.

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