“I believe the truest measure of any society is how it treats those who are least able to defend and speak for themselves.  And who is more vulnerable, or more innocent, than a child?” (Sarah Palin, Johnstown, Pennsylvania Speech, Oct 11, 2008.)

“For me, being pro-life trumps just about everything in a politician. It tells me that he believes in moral absolutes, recognizes evil when he sees it, and believes in transcendent human rights that go beyond the state and the culture.” (Gene Edward Veith, What I Look For In Candidates)

“If a person realizes that the image of God in man is man’s ineffably profound fitness to image forth Christ’s glory through everlasting joy in God, then he will not gut the great gospel of its inner life and power.” (John Piper, God’s Passion for His Glory)

There is no greater moral issue in the world today than the selfish, purposeful, murder of human beings. I hope this finally signals the end to the silence about abortion in this election and a return of the call at the national level to stop the greatest genocide in the history of the world.

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