John MacArthur on the Bible, Big Bird, and the Battle of the Belt

big_bird The Hebrew word for ‘kind’ is min. What it does is indicate the limitations of variation. A plant can only bring forth something of its own kind. A tree can only bring forth something of its own kind. It only has the capacity to function on the basis of the genetic code that is in it. … Whatever the Hebrew word min means, whatever it corresponds to in English, the one thing it does do is eliminate any possibility of an evolutionary process. Because whatever the plant is, and whatever the tree is, it can only reproduce after its own kind. To say that all living things come from a common ancestry is refuted by the ten times repeated phrase ‘after its kind… I use to illustrate this with college students by talking about amino acids. It gets so individual that you’re made up of amino acids and your body, no matter what you put in it, will only reproduce more of you. In fact, if you put too much in it, it will reproduce more of you than you care to see.

Amino Acids are called the building blocks of life. Now you could decide that you are going to eat fried chicken the rest of your life; 20 years from now you would not cluck. No combination of chicken amino acids and human amino acids will produce Big Bird. All you will ever produce is more of you no mater what goes in – that’s after their kind.”

(Extract from the audio version of Creation Day 3 in John MacArthur’s excellent series about The Battle for the Beginning.)


2 Responses to John MacArthur on the Bible, Big Bird, and the Battle of the Belt

  1. vimto says:

    Well Hi! I’ve had a chance to explore your blog and it has been very useful. I’ve downloaded some material to use with my Church in South Wales, UK. The online Bible could come in very handy with some of the flock who use the internet. I’ll keep popping by if that’s OK.

    Keep on keeping on…in His service….

  2. jerryk says:

    Hi Vimto and thank you again for visiting and taking the time to post a comment. Yes, by all means please feel free to visit often and thank you for your words of encouragement and for your service in the Great Commission. I agree with your assessment about the value of particularly for those who use the internet often.

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