The Deeper Conference – Vicariously

I had so wanted to attend the Deeper Conference in Woodstock, GA this weekend but, alas, at the last minute (literally) my plans were interrupted, as is too often the case, by life events. Although I’m learning to accept those things that are beyond my control, I found myself in repentance corner more than a few times as I thought about the veritable smorgasbord of duncesolid spiritual food I was missing being served by the Spirit though men like Emeal Zwayne, Marshall Foster, Ken Ham, Todd Friel, Kirk Cameron, Paul Washer, and Ray Comfort.

Selfish, I know.

During one such visit to repentance corner I experienced a profound flash of deep spiritual insight – if I could not go to Deeper, I would just have Deeper come to me.  A few minutes later, thorough the marvels of internet technology, I set up a news alert to get pinged when someone posted a blog about the Deeper Conference. Here’s a round up of the blogs and posts that I’ve found and through which I experienced the Deeper Conference, albeit vicariously.

To everyone that has posted and will post about their experiences there – thank you! While, I’m sure the Conference meant much to you, your articles, thoughts, and pictures about that experience means a lot to me. Hope to see you next year!

(Links Updated 10/22/08)


2. Deeper  (Dawg on the Lawn)
3. Deeper Update  (Joel’s Universe)
4. Leaving On a Jet Plane  (The Bottom Line with Cameron Buettel)
5. The Deeper Conference – Details (Further the Kingdom)
6. Could it get any better?? (Fish With Trish)


1. Regeneration vs Decisionism – Breakout Session (Paul Washer)


1. The Deeper Conference  (Our Family Blog)
2. The 500: team 1.1  (Bring the Noiz)
3. Deeper Conference (Shoots1978)

3 Responses to The Deeper Conference – Vicariously

  1. Timmy Dodd says:

    I’ve been a bit lazy lately since the conference, but once I get the CDs I plan on (eventually) blogging about at least a couple of the sermons at

  2. jerryk says:

    Hi Timmy, thanks for visiting and taking the time to post a comment. I look forward to being able to read your posts about those sermons.

  3. Just stumbled across this post. Sorry you couldn’t be there. hope to see you next year.

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