Red Letter Christians Aren’t

Who first suggested the label (Red Letter Christian)? A secular Jewish Country-and-Western disc jockey in Nashville, Tennessee. During a radio interview he was conducting with Jim Wallis, he happened to say, “So, you’re one of those Red-Letter Christians–you know–who’s really into those verses in the New Testament that are in red letters!”

Jim answered, “That’s right!” And with that answer, he spoke for all of us. By calling ourselves Red-Letter Christians, we are alluding to the fact that in several versions of the New Testament, the words of Jesus are printed in red. In adopting this name, we are saying that we are committed to living out the things that He said. Of course, the message in those red-lettered verses is radical, to say the least. If you don’t believe me, read Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7).

(From What’s a ‘Red Letter Christian’? emphasis added)

One would think that a group of professing Christians who call themselves ‘Red Letter Christians’ and who claim to be committed to living out the things that Jesus actually said would have a focus on those words that are printed in red letters from the Bible. But if Sojourners is an example, the actual words of Christ seem to have very little importance to RLCs. Certainly the RLC web log, God’s Politics, lacks a focus on His word. Sure, there are a lot of comments, articles, and posts with an interpretation (and sometimes and interpretation of an interpretation) about what Jesus said…but His actual words are noticeably absent. Even Verse and Voice lacks reference to  the words of Jesus. If Red Letter Christians are “committed to living out the things that He said” shouldn’t they be able to quote what Jesus said?

It may just be me but it looks like Red Letter Christians aren’t at all red letter Christians.


2 Responses to Red Letter Christians Aren’t

  1. David says:

    To counter the lefties, I’ve got my own blog…

    Red letter believers read Christs words and seek to live them out … in their workplace, in their homes and in their communities. Jesus said plenty of things about the poor. But he also spoke about sin and judgement and hell.


    Good post!

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