Kirk Cameron – Still a Growing Pain (for some)

Kirk Cameron Fireproof Q I loved Kirk Cameron on TV’s Growing Pains, but now he just does Christian-themed movies. Is he serious about his faith? —Barbara M., Cincinnati, Ohio

A Very. Cameron, 38, is a partner in an evangelical ministry and is unapologetic about doing movies like his recent hit Fireproof. “I’ve been in cheesy movies,” he admits, “but an inspirational message doesn’t make a movie cheesy—not if it’s well done.” What some reporters found less than inspirational was Kirk handing out fake money bearing a warning to sinners while he publicized Fireproof. (Q&A from the Oct 26, 2008 issue of Parade Magazine, emphasis added)

Imagine that.

A committed and “unapologetic” Christian who is also “a partner in an evangelical ministry” handing out tracts about sin and judgment while publicizing a movie with a Christian message. I guess the reporters would have been more inspired if Kirk had actually preached a sermon after the movie. Oh, wait, he did that too.

Go figure.


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