Another Abortion “Secret”

Via One News Now:

Do you know what your children’s vaccines contain?

Debi Vinnedge, executive director of Children of God for Life, says some vaccines are made in part from aborted babies, yet most people do not know it. She has introduced the Fair Labeling and Informed Consent Act in Congress so consumers and their children will know the origins of the vaccines they receive to make an informed decision — "no guilt, no manipulation, just information," she says.

"What this legislation does is…inform consumers and physicians and pharmacists any time aborted fetal material or embryonic material is used in any medical product," Vinnedge explains.

According to the pro-life activist, making vaccines from aborted babies is "one of the best-kept secrets" that pharmaceutical companies have. To her, the bill just makes sense. "There are moral alternatives out there," she points out. "We believe consumers should have a choice and should have foreknowledge in advance of buying these products."

Concerned people can sign a petition on the Children of God for Life website to encourage Congress to pass the law.

"If the FDA can require carbohydrate and fat content on a package of cookies, why shouldn’t people know when aborted fetal or embryonic cell components and DNA are being injected into their [or their children’s] bodies?" Vinnedge contends.


2 Responses to Another Abortion “Secret”

  1. angryxtian says:

    I’m so glad your sheding the light on this evil practice.

  2. […] Land Culture Vacine that keeps kids from getting sick is made of aborted babies.  Proof here.  I dont even no what to say.  This is so wrong I wish God would just put an end to it.  But He […]

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