Darwinists Throw Atheists Another Curve Ball

While some evolutionists seem content to abandoned science to explain evolution, others seem more willing to explore Intelligent Design even if they can’t admit to it.

Quote from “Preexisting Evolutionary Potential” now a Scientific Fact:

A recent multidisciplinary study on the two-phase increase in the size of life has concluded that there must exist a “preexisting evolutionary potential” to explain the sudden increase in size and complexity which occurred twice in the history of life, both times following increases in atmospheric oxygen.

What exactly this “evolutionary potential” was is not speculated upon. The presence of latent genetic programs is certainly the most obvious explanation. Darwinists of course are unable to offer this obvious possibility. They would then have to explain where those programs might have come from. They would then be branded ID Creationists and lose their jobs.

When Darwinism’s fallacy filled facade finally falls there’s no telling what new belief atheists will gravitate to in order to rationalize their continued denial of God but I suspect Dawkins’ space-alien-creator notion is looking better to them all the time.


One Response to Darwinists Throw Atheists Another Curve Ball

  1. angryxtian says:

    Hitler killed all those peple because he thought he could evolve a beter race of people. If there never was a Darwin Hilter couldnta had a holocost. Its called social darwinism. Look it up on Wikipedia if you dont beleve me.

    Thats why I call it evilution, cause its evil. Its not true, but it justifies evil dictators killing people.

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