Evolution by Fiat Not Fact

According to this article, the “theory of evolution itself is evolving”. Which, when you think about it for more than a half second, makes one wonder why Darwinists insist that evolution “isn’t just a guess or a hypothesis but a widely accepted explanation of natural events supported by the best available evidence”. After all, a theory that is still evolving is also one that is less than settled. This probably accounts for the willingness of the Darwinian hegemony to be increasingly dependent on court rulings, rather than scientific consensus, to validate and enforce its increasingly untenable claims within the scientific and educational communities. Considering that the major tenants of Darwinian evolution are now being abandoned quicker than a jackrabbit running from the nose of a shotgun, it’s surprising that any credible scientist would make the statement that "we understand evolution pretty well”.

The truth is that aside from court enforced obeisance to evolutionary theory and Darwinian hegemony in the scientific community, evolutionary theory is still little more than speculation and it is certainly not understood. Consider, for example, the abandonment of Darwin’s Tree of Life which roots, branches, and limbs are as still unconnected today as they were in 1859 even after more than a hundred and fifty years of frenetic research.  On the other hand, the newer “web or bush” model now favored by evolutionists eliminates the pesky need to link evolution to something resembling proof because, as the article points out, it allows for a blurring of the “sharp lines between species”. In other words, the need to demonstrate descent by small incremental changes occurring continuously over long periods of time is, under the new model, unnecessary. Evolution is so because it is said to be so, not because it is scientific, intelligent, or rational.


3 Responses to Evolution by Fiat Not Fact

  1. morsec0de says:

    “supported by the best available evidence””

    So…do you just ignore this part of the sentence?

    The strength of science is that it changes.

    Religion will be the same on Wednesday as it was on Monday, regardless of what happens on Tuesday.

    Science will change if there is new evidence. However, if every single piece of evidence that we’ve come across points to evolution being fact (and it does), it’s as close to a fact as it will ever get.

    And certainly some new evidence can come along to change things. All the better. That’s why there are scientists researching these things, and why religion has nothing but a bunch of clergy speaking the same old stories.

  2. shamelesslyatheist says:

    Before you make an absolute fool of yourself again and post such science-illiterate nonsense, I suggest that you educate yourself. Start with something like Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution is True.

    Saying that evolution isn’t true does not make it so, and you make no case whatsoever for you position above the level of innuendo. This is particularly embarrassing considering the massive tidal wave of evidence from geology, paleontology, embryology, molecular biology, comparative morphology, cladistics… All of which scream that evolution happened (evolution the FACT) and that it can be explained by natural selection (evolution the THEORY). Deal.

  3. Think of the progression of evolutionary theory as a focusing of a lens. We’ve already found the image, we just have to tweak it enough to get it precisely correct. You move the slide around a bit until you find the target (Religion trying to explain creation).It starts out fuzzy at first (when Darwin first realized the theory) and then it gets clearer (scientific study) until you get it just right and see with the most resolution (when we eventually flesh out the entire theory). Evolution is backed with evidence, in the last two decades we’ve witnessed real examples of evolution taking place. Why fight it any longer?

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