Todd Bentley – Liar, Lunatic, or Prophet?

June 1, 2008

Its past time for the body of Christ to publicly examine the teachings of Todd Bentley and, as the evidence warrants, either publicly expose him as a false teacher and heretic or anoint him a prophet. I don’t see that his increasingly fanciful ‘preaching’ allows for any other alternative. Consider:

(1) Scripture teaches “For no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.” (2 Peter 1:21). Bentley, on the other hand, claims that the authorship of Hebrews is attributable to Paul and Abraham…

I know I’m stepping out on theology now; however, I want you to understand that Paul always made it clear when he authored an epistle—”Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ” or “Paul, a bond-servant of Christ.” Always! Yet, for the Book of Hebrews, although most Bible scholars believe that it was authored by Paul, there are those that really can’t say it was him because the authorship is never clear. Paul told me why. Here is what he said to me. “Do you know why I know so much about Abraham?” [So much of Hebrews is based on other things that you just can’t pull from in other scriptures.] He said, “Abraham himself shared (information) with me and I simply wrote it” (in the Book of Hebrews). “The authorship isn’t clear because it was Abraham and I; Abraham shared with me.” [Much of Hebrews is about Abraham; i.e. Hebrews Chapter 11.] Paul said, “When I was in the third heaven, Abraham was with me like you are with me now.”

Source: A vision from Todd Bentley during a third heaven experience (emphasis added).

(2) Bentley claims God wants him to teach about “the angel” because He wants them to believe in “the angel” (because) “the church doesn’t believe in the supernatural”. Source and audio. Listen to the audio closely, Bentley clearly says “the angel” more than once (at :50 and :53 seconds in). Misspeak?

(3) Bentley in this video looks and sounds more like he is channeling  John Edwards‘ style than prophesying.

(4) This is a video of Todd Bentley boasting about kicking an old lady in the face under the orders of God. Watch and listen to the reaction of the “audience” to Bentley’s words: Laughter and amusement…Sick.

This is supposed to be revival?