BibleStick Unboxing

January 5, 2010


The BibleStick from Faith Comes By Hearing I recently won (on Twitter of all places) showed up on my door step today so I thought I’d take a minute or two to show it off.

First things: The BibleStick is a dedicated digital audio player that comes pre-loaded with the entire New Testament in audio. I received the ESV audio version but apparently it also comes in an NIV, KJV, and Kids flavor as well.

Set up out of the box, as expected, was simple and the whole process was much more enjoyable because I didn’t have to fumble around the house trying to find the single AAA battery needed to fire it up. Battery is included. The sound quality of the supplied earbuds is surprisingly good. Paradoxically, the most complex part of the set up was associated with the L and R markings on the earbuds – are they designed for left or right handed people? It must make a difference otherwise they would not have been labeled. If I mistakenly put them in backwards would the audio play backwards? Finally I through caution to the wind and popped one in each ear  (which, incidentally, is much more comfortable than sticking both of them in one ear—not recommended) and powered the player on.

The player is small, only slightly larger than a thumb drive or a pack of gum but it has a solid feel. Time will tell, but my initial reaction is that it will endure my innate clumsiness and likely last longer than some of the cell phones, two laptops, and one very small kitten that had the misfortune of falling into (I should say out of) my hands. The volume up/down and next/previous track controls as well as the on/off button are well designed and have a pleasant tactile feel.

As I mentioned earlier the sound quality is good but really the most important part of the entire shabang is the fidelity of the audio to the Bible. In this respect, the BibleStick is excellent. The background sounds, great voice talent, and first class production quality is as good as any available commercial product in my opinion.  Given this and the mission of the Faith Comes By Hearing ministry, I will definitely pick up more BibleSticks in the future as gifts and giveaways and have no hesitation recommending it to others as well.

By the way, turns out that reversing the earbuds doesn’t cause the audio to run backwards after all.


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His Christmas Story

December 1, 2009


Free MP3 download:

His Christmas Story by Max McClean is available from


When we hear the Christmas story what do we feel? Is it just a nice story? Well, yes. But it is also telling us that a huge event has just taken place; an event so big that it changes everything. Why? Because the infinite, eternal being who created all things decided to pay us a visit, knock on our front door, get to know us and find out about our hurts and our pains.

Feel the weight of this extraordinary event in this new 25-minute scripture CD that explores the size and magnitude of Christmas. Make this a part of your holiday celebrations.

Happy Reformation Day

October 31, 2009

Here I Stand Free MP3 download of Martin Luther’s Here I Stand by Max McClean is available from Offer ends Nov 1.


In the late afternoon of April 18, 1521, in the city of Worms, Germany, Martin Luther, a 37 year-old Catholic monk was called to defend himself before Charles the Fifth, the Holy Roman Emperor. The speech he delivered that day, Here I Stand, marked the beginning of the Reformation, a critical turning point in Christian history, that decisively altered the spiritual map of the world.

In this recording, Max McLean introduces the events leading up to the Diet of Worms: Martin Luther’s prayer the night before he delivered his speech; Luther’s stirring defense; the Catholic church’s rebuttal; and, Luther’s final heartfelt response.

We Must All Up and Be Doing

October 18, 2009

Selina Hastings


 “I dread slack hands in the vineyard — we must all up and be doing.”  — Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon

MP3 Audio about this remarkable Christian woman available for download here. (Source: The Christian Institute, UK)

Baptism Part 1 – Paedobaptism and Credobaptism

October 10, 2009


Two excellent resources containing dialogue between proponents of infant and believer’s baptism:

1. R.C. Sproul and John MacArthur:

A. The Case for Infant Baptism: The Historic Paedo-Baptist Position by R.C. Sproul. (MP3 download)

B. The Case for Believer’s Baptism: The Credo Baptist Position by John MacArthur. (MP3 download)

2. Pastor William Shishko and Dr. James White (debate):

MP3 Download: Part 1, Part 2

Was Jesus a Myth? Debate MP3

October 4, 2009

Apologetics 315 has the full MP3 Audio available for download of the September 26, 2009 debate between Dr. James White and Dan Barker on the topic Was Jesus a Myth? The audio’s sound quality could be better but it is definitely much better than were the soundness and quality of the arguments offered by Dan Barker.

During the debate, Mr. Barker misused quotes from Justin Martyr’s First Apology even though he admitted to having never read the work. Dr. White addressed this during the debate and recently added this video on You Tube providing more complete details about the misuse, abuse, and distortions of Justin Martyr’s writings.

Related: Repudiate the Book Dan Barker.

Phil Johnson on Heresies

September 30, 2009

phil johnson Heard any new heresies lately? I doubt it.


“It’s important for Christians to have a grasp of heresies that the church has battled over the centuries, because they often return with new clothing, and the unprepared Christian is likely to fall into these old pits. Phil does an excellent job of looking at some of the major heresies that are revisiting the church today: Socinianism, Arianism, Pelagianism, Gnosticism, and Judaizing. This is an excellent 6 part series that will shore up some weak points in the church today.”

The series is available at the GraceLife Pulpit web site or you can download each MP3 individually below.

  1. The Judaizers
  2. The Gnostics
  3. The Arians, #1
  4. The Arians, #2
  5. The Pelagians
  6. The Socinians